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Myarea app is a place to discover what’s hot and noteworthy in your neighborhood. It is literally your Hot Spot Hunting and Discovery tool. On myarea App on high zoom levels, you clearly see and can identify places and spots that are currently being discussed, are most popular and are places that are buzzed about.


My Area App is a local social platform designed to make local news. On MyArea there are no hashtags, no causes, no promotions, no influencers, no movements, no politics. People use MyArea for one major reason first - make my place a better place. Connect to your neighbors, talk to people around you, find local events and discover what's good in your neighborhood. If you care about the area you live in, if you want to make it a better place, Join Us. Become a MyArea Community Manager, invite your friends, your neighbors and start leading with a noble cause - A BETTER PLACE FOR CHILDREN AND GENERATIONS TO COME.