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SeattleClouds’s team

OUR TEAM Ghenadie Plingau - Software Engineer. Ghenadie has a BS in Mathematics and Master of Science in Computer Science degree. Ghenadie has 5 years of experience working for Microsoft in SDE role for .NET team, WF and WCF platforms, and incubation initiatives for the cloud computing platform currently known as Microsoft Azure AppFabric. Ghenadie has passion for quality and is a big fan of Apple products....
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ABOUT SeattleClouds

WE ARE 100% OWNERS Our team owns 100% of the business. We don’t take angel investments and are not backed by Venture Capital firms. We don’t have CEO’s, Presidents, Directors or Genereal Managers. We work directly with our customers, we are thriving to keep development costs low and bring 100% satisfaction to our clients. It is your choice if you want to work with a Venture...
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